The Emulator

The Home Micro source code repository contains an emulator that can be used to run programs and firmware written for the Home Micro on other computers. The source code for the emulator is in the emulator directory of the repository.

To start the emulator, a ROM image file named rom.bin must be present in the directory the emulator is run from. In addition, to load a program, a file named cartridge.bin must be present in the same directory.

The following commands, starting from the top of the Home Micro source repository, will create a ROM image and a cartridge image and place both in the emulator directory. The emulator will also be built and invoked. The require that all the necessary software dependencies are present on the system. For more information on those, see requirements.txt.

homemicro$ cd rom
rom$ make
rom$ cp rom.bin ../emulator/
rom$ cd ../apps/testkeys
testkeys$ make
testkeys$ cp testkeys.bin ../../emulator/cartridge.bin
testkeys$ cd ../../emulator
emulator$ ./configure
emulator$ make
emulator$ ./hm1000